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Dunwell Tech Inc is a technology service company focusing on exceptional service and custom solutions in technology and industrial related hardware and software. Dunwell Tech is the master distributor of the Dino-Lite digital microscope camera. 



Bridging a gap that allows for USB Dino-Lite microscopes to be connected to monitors or HDTV screens with HDMI input. By taking advantage of advances and availability of Raspberry Pi, we created a bootable image that allows compatible USB Dino-Lite microscopes to be viewed via HDMI.


Simple Plug n Play

Once the box is set up simply connect the Dino-Lite to the box and the HDMI to the screen. After a quick loading period the live view of the Dino-Lite will be available on screen. 


Download and install or Purchase pre installed

If you have a Raspberry Pi and would like the bootable image you can access it by clicking the link below. To purchase a preinstalled version, please contact us