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Dunwell Tech Inc is a technology service company focusing on exceptional service and custom solutions in technology and industrial related hardware and software. Dunwell Tech is the master distributor of the Dino-Lite digital microscope camera. 


MSFCMA1 90 Degree Mirror View Adapter


MSFCMA1 90 Degree Mirror View Adapter


The MSFCMA1 (FC-L-MA1) 90 degree view adaptor is an add-on feature option designed for use with the AD4x13TL/MTL(USB), AD7013MTL and AD4x12TL(TV,AVI) convertible models of Dino-Lite digital microscopes. The adaptor’s patented design efficiently converges enhanced lighting onto the focal point (mirror) and provides the user best view magnification of 40X – 80X. The mirror angle of 45 degrees (some minor angle adjustment allowed) gives the user a 90 degree right angle view and the ability to look behind, over, under or into objects and surfaces.

The tapered, conical design of the 90 degree view adaptor, which can easily be rotated 360 degrees, makes this feature ideal for use as a limited range right angle view boroscope as well as allowing access into difficult to reach recessed areas with a reach of up to 36mm depth / 10mm width down to 21mm depth / 7.5mm width (or diameter). Used in electronics for BGA solder inspection, etc, as well as general design/engineering and industrial inspection and quality assurance applications. The MSFCMA1 adaptor is a removable feature offering the user the ability to fully utilize the Dino-Lite digital microscope as an effective inspection device.

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