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Dunwell Tech Inc is a technology service company focusing on exceptional service and custom solutions in technology and industrial related hardware and software. Dunwell Tech is the master distributor of the Dino-Lite digital microscope camera. 


MA2AN1X-38 1x C-mount Adapter For Nikon/Leica (38mm)


MA2AN1X-38 1x C-mount Adapter For Nikon/Leica (38mm)


C-Mount 1x adapter for NIKON Trinocular Compound Microscope
(38mm Aperture).

Possible compatible with following models ---

Microscope adapter for mounting C-mount cameras onto Nikon, Wild, and Leica microscopes with 38 mm photo ports.

This adapter is compatible with the following microscopes:

Leica DMIL Leica MS5, MZ6, MZ8, MZ12, MZAPO with 38 mm
ISO photoport Leica GZ6 with 13410302 phototube

Leica M420 (old style with 38 mm photoport)

Nikon Optiphot-2, Optiphot 100S, 150, 200, 300, Labophot-2, Alphaphot-2, Eclipse series(for 38 mm photoport when phototube is removed)

Nikon E200, 400, 600 (with Y-T TV tube)
Nikon E800, E1000 (with video tube for C-mount)
Nikon SMZ-U, SMZ10A, SMZ800, SMZ1000, SMZ1500
Nikon Diaphot 300/200, Eclipse TE200/300 sideport, TS100-F
Nikon TE2000 S, U&E sideport Epiphot 300/200
Nikon MM40/MM60
Wild stereos with removable phototube that reveals 38 mm phototube, including M3, M5, M7, M8, M10

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