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Dunwell Tech Inc is a technology service company focusing on exceptional service and custom solutions in technology and industrial related hardware and software. Dunwell Tech is the master distributor of the Dino-Lite digital microscope camera. 





This digital camera (USB 2.0) is professionally designed for telescopes. It works perfectly with all types of telescopes with standard eyepiece size 31.75mm. The images of the observed sky can be accurately displayed and captured on the computer screen. The included advanced application software allows for simple and convenient manipulation of the captured images from the microscope!

Included with each EM-510T digital microscope eyepiece camera is a copy of the advanced application software enabling you to "capture" either a photograph, video or time-lapsed video with a simple click! The software allows for accurate measurement and "power point" features to be applied to the captured image. These images can then be saved or sent over the internet in real time. The EM-510T employs a revolutionary, fully coated; image flatness and contrast. The images are bright and distinct even at the periphery of the field of view. It offers excellent performance when combined with the plan-achromatic objective. It is specifically designed for matching microscope features, such as the wide field of view of eyepiece WF10X-18mm and the par-focalization objective. The EM-510T displays and captures images in high quality true color and when properly grounded the cameras metal body ensures effective anti-interference. The EM-310T is simply inserted directly in the eyepiece of a telescope.
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